Dr. Al Sears’ Secret to a Younger Life


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Keeping your telomeres healthy is really the key to life – and it could also be just what you need to stay one step ahead of your biggest rivals.

When telomere technology was in its very beginning stages, people who wanted it had to pay thousands of dollars for it every month. It was so expensive, hardly anyone could afford it.

But for those who could, getting that insider edge was worth every penny.

That’s why I set out to create Essence, so you’d have the option of getting this technology for yourself without it having to invest a small fortune.

It’s your turn to join this elite group and experience the power of this secret.

More Antioxidant Power than Chocolate

You’ve probably already heard about the heart benefits of eating dark chocolate. Reporters and TV personalities like Oprah love to talk about it.

But while cacao is getting all this attention, few people know about its Amazonian cousin, cupuaçu—packed with 11 antioxidants that give you even more heart power. Some of these antioxidants haven’t been found in any other plant on earth.

These are the key to keeping your heart strong because they fight free radicals and help regulate the body’s inflammatory response…which is at the root of nearly all heart concerns.

That’s why Dr. Al Sears, M.D. was so excited to find the cupuaçu shake. With it’s exotic, one-of-a-kind flavor is like nothing you’ve ever had before. When you taste it, you’ll see why Dr. Sears calls it better than chocolate.

Rejuvenate Your Brain Cells

Your whole life you’ve been told that your brain cells will “die off” as you get older. But what if they didn’t have to, and you could maintain and rejuvenate these brain cells, putting your “mental horsepower” back into fifth gear?

The good news is you can re-ignite your mind, just like when you were younger and your mind was constantly being flooded by information and you were learning new things.

Dr. Al Sears, M.D. Primal Force Focus IQ combines brain-fortifying herbs that can slow down the shrinking of your mental processes and re-grow your brain cells.